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We have so many wedding of friends in which Nate’s parents have been life long friends with their parents. The picture below is from one of those celebrations. We love this family photo, the smiles on our face and the joy in our hearts, now if we could only all look in the same direction at one photographer at a time:) As these friends begin to start families, they become the other part of our village. We cannot wait for the playdates with the little ones and grandparent dates, so our child can learn our families recipes, traditions and be coached in sports and the arts.

I was born to my Mom, Linda and Dad, Luke. My brother Tom is the oldest of us three. My sister Megan came 4 years after me and like Nate and his sister Maya, we all are so close. I grew up in Park Slope, Brooklyn which is one of the five boroughs of New York City. I was fortunate to live very close to my grandparents ( Nanny and Grandpa), many aunts, uncles and cousins.

While Nate was being coached by his father Hal in Brooklyn I was heading to Queens NY to hang out with my grandparents and cousins. Nanny and Grandpa both taught me how to cook homemade pasta and I helped my grandpa prepare and roll the dough for homemade bread. Growing up I spent just about every summer at summer “sleep away” camp in Connecticut, ‘Camp Sloane’ — my absolute favorite place on earth! I always loved being surrounded by nature, sleeping in tents and making lifelong friendships. I enjoyed camp so much that I went every summer, and eventually became a counselor the summer before college. I really hope my kids will someday go to the same camp, although I know Nate is convinced that he won’t want our children away from us for the entire summer.

In high school, I discovered a love for visual arts and photography. When it came time for college, I decided I wanted a different experience and headed to Boulder Colorado. I received a degree in Journalism from The University of Colorado at Boulder. After college, I moved home to Brooklyn. Family is important to me, like Nate. I was fortunate that my mom Linda, dad Luke, grandparents Nanny and Grandpa, aunts, uncles and cousins had the wonderful idea when selecting to settle down in New York! I pursued a career in fashion that I love and own my own business as a freelance fashion stylist, which allows me a flexible schedule.

Leigh is running with her best friend Julianne’s kids, Charlie and Teagan.

Megan’s ( Leigh’s sister) birthday/engagement night. Pictured is Reid ( our brother in law), Megan ( Leigh’s sister), Tom (Leigh’s brother), Christine ( Tom’s wife), Nate and Leigh.

How We Met
Nate and Leigh first “met” at a dinner. Leigh’s sister Megan had started dating Nate’s best friend Reid (they are now married!) Nate was invited to a dinner by Megan, Leigh’s sister and Reid. Nate was Megan’s favorite of Reid’s friends. Leigh crashed the dinner and the rest has been history! Soon after Leigh sat down at dinner that evening, Nate was mesmerized by her beauty and charm. They hit it off and ignored everyone at the dinner for the rest of the evening.

We are proud that we have always been in a serious relationship and devoted to one another. We were very honest with each other when we first met and shared what we both wanted in life and how incredibly important family is to both of us. Right from the beginning, we had a deep connection and so much in common. After the first dinner, we made a date for another dinner one week later and we continued to discover each other and fall in love. We have been two peas in a pod ever since. Traveling, hanging with friends and family, moving in together and celebrating our engagement and then becoming husband and wife. The adventure of life continues.

Our nieces and Nate talking a nap after Thanksgiving feast.

Nate Is Mesmerized By Our Niece Frankie.

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Our Proposal

Nate was preparing to go on a trip with the National Guard. The military gives you get a detailed packing list, so you don’t forget anything. Nate’s plan was he was going to read off the list, and ask Leigh to pack and then at the end he was going to say, “and one ring.” Then she’d look up and he’d be on his knee. Great plan! Unfortunately when Nate suggested this, like any rational human being, Leigh said, I’ll read the list, you pack.

So instead Nate packed and Leigh oversaw the check list. After packing, Nate held me in his arms and we slow danced in our living room. We do this very often. Then the next thing Leigh remembers is Nate’s on one knee and he had proposed! Thankfully... Leigh said yes!

We had a low-key wedding at a local family owned establishment we love to hang out at which has a wonderful and large event space. We wanted a celebration, without stages to it. We asked Nate’s best friend Dan to marry us. We stood in front of the room so that everyone could gather around. There wasn’t a bad seat in the house. Leigh remembers standing there saying our vows — and that Nate was a little nervous! Nate hardly ever gets nervous. It was perfectly us, together with family, friends a simple celebration where everyone had a blast.

Nate Showing Our Niece Bess How To Tie A Tie

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Leigh on Nate
Nate is hands down the most incredible man I know. He is thoughtful, selfless, loyal, kind....and brave. I respect Nate immensely and if there is one word I had to use to describe him, I would say, “courageous”. He is the best partner I could ever ask for and I both admire and love him more and more, each and every day. It’s a bit corny I know but Nate makes me feel like all my quirks make sense. His love for me makes me more confident in myself and my abiliEes.

Nate has so much love to give and, as a parent, will be the greatest teacher and guardian a child could ask for. He will share his knowledge of the world with our child, and raise her/him to not only be intelligent, but charismatic and silly. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and his guidance will have our child skipping down the street with joy in their heart.

I constantly pinch myself to make certain the life I’m living actually happening! Nate is more than I ever hoped for in a partner...and I cannot wait to build a family together, with him.

Our Niece Bess On Nate's Lap At A Family Dinner 

Birthdays are also special in our family. We always mark each other’s in unique and thoughful ways, either with a dinner with family and friends or even trips, on occasion. We also always celebrate with our families. A few years ago Reid, Nate and Leigh’s brother in law threw a birthday party for Leigh’s sister Megan. All of Leigh’s siblings were together and a few friends. During that evening Reid, our brother in law asked Megan ( Leigh’s sister) to marry him that was March 31st, which is Megan’s birthday, the day her and Reid got engaged. March 31st is also our wedding anniversary.

Among one of our favorite things to do on earth is travel. We have traveled the world together and hope to always travel as a family when we are blessed with a child. The last few years, our destinations have been selected, based on where friends have been getting married. It seems our early thirties has been a time for all of our friends to get married and many of them have wed in fabulous locations. Thanks to these nuptuals, we’ve been to Spain, Jamaica and Sweden. Not to mention, California, Tahoe, Kentucky, New Jersey, and all around New York State. We have two weddings this summer in Hawaii and Montana and are planning our trips to soak up the best the area have to offer. We are also planning a trip with our friends Mary and Nick and their children Petra and Sofia to Greece this summer.


Expenses Paid

Valid Homestudy Approved

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Greetings, we are Leigh and Nate,

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at our website and for considering us as the potential adoptive parents for your child. We have no doubt that the decision to place your baby for adoption was a difficult one and we want to be as supportive as we can as you make this courageous decision.  

We feel such gratitude and joy at that prospect and that you are considering making us parents – our hearts are full of love and we want to share that love. We are a committed married couple and feel ready to become parents and make your child the center of our world. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read our story and again, we very much appreciate your time and consideration.


From our earliest memories, both of us have wanted to be parents. We love children.


Leigh with our niece at her grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary party.

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Why We Want to Become Parents
This is probably the easiest part of the book to write. Both of us have always felt a strong calling to be parents and now we feel completely ready financially and emotionally. Both of us have so much love to share and our hearts are bursting! We want to share that love with a child and to devote our lives with him or her.

How We Plan to Raise a Child
The easy answer is with love. We intend to show this child all of the love that we already feel for him or her every single day! Of course we know there will be tough days and challenges, but we have learned, over the years together to rely on each other when difficulties present themselves. When one of us needs help, the other has always, and will always, be there. We also want to mention that we hope to raise our child in a very open way. Let’s face it, your child will understand that he or she is not our biological child, given that we plan on sharing that with him/her from the time they arrive in our home. We intend to always help him or her to know that you love him or her completely.

In an ideal world, we’d love to have an on-going relationship with you if you would like. We are open to having a relationship with your family as well, if that is something that you would like. Most of all, we want what’s best for your child, which we know you do too.

Hopefully this book gives you a little window into who we are and what your child’s life might be like if we were his or her parents. We are so eager, excited and anxious to meet you and get to know you.

Feel free to also reach out to our attorney should you have any questions at all. She is great and has been a fabulous resource to us throughout the beginning stages of this process and would be most willing to help you answer any questions you might have. 

Whatever decision you make...we wish you peace.

With love,

Nate and Leigh

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Our Niece Frankie’s 10th birthday.

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Absolute Devotion Awaits 1st Baby.

Nate & Leigh Hope To Be Doting Dad & Stay-At-Home Mom.

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Nate on Leigh
Leigh is the most caring, thoughtful and creative person I have ever been blessed to meet. She views everything in the world through an unbelievably artistic lens. Every color is brighter, every image more original, every thought more poetic, when she touches it. I’m not just a better person because of Leigh, I am new person: someone I can be proud of. Leigh puts family before everything else, and our amazing families will be there to support, solve challenges and encourage this child. She is a wonderful partner to me, Leigh is my yoda and evens me out when I’m stressed. I know Leigh will be a wonderful parent, I can only imagine the strong bond she will have with our child.

Leigh Having Silly Fun With Our Niece Alexandra and Nephew Robert In Italy

Thanksgiving is a hugely important holiday for both sides of our families. We definitely come from very different families. While Leigh hails from a large Italian and Irish family with so many combined uncles, aunts and cousins that Nate will never learn all of their names:). Nate’s family on the other side is smaller and super eclectic. Together they are a wonderful combination and there isn’t any shortage of love and laughter. Leigh and her sister Megan make homemade ravioli for the second course of Thanksgiving dinner every year. While Nate’s family makes a macaroni and cheese with more cheeses than they can count! The conversation at Thanksgiving is always free wheeling and the meal lasts hours on end! After all the courses are finished, the football comes on the TV and everyone enjoys each other’s company (some even nap or go for a walk!) depending on if they have to make room for dessert.

Holidays are a super important moment for us to take a deep breath, reflect on our blessings, and cherish some time with family and friends. We also love to travel and have been privileged to take trips all around the world! Whenever we travel, we make it a point to not only enjoy ourselves but to also learn something about other cultures. In 2016 we were blessed to take a trip during Christmas break to Japan and stay with our dear friends Mary and Nick. We celebrated Christmas with them their 3 kids and Nick’s mother who was visiting from Greece. Below are a few pictures from our trip.

Of course though, our travel never gets in the way of celebrating with family. Leigh’s side of the family always hosts large gatherings for every holiday and special occasion (sometimes Nate even feels like Leigh’s family makes up reasons to celebrate). There is no bigger gathering in Leigh’s family than for Christmas Eve, where the Italian side of Leigh’s family celebrates by making seven different fishes!


I am the first of two children born to my parents Lisa and Hal. My younger sister, Maya was born five years later. From the time she was born, Maya and I were inseparable. We were each other’s best friends and playmates and I always considered myself her guardian. As children, we loved to play sports outside and we were always reading.

Growing up surrounded by family, I developed a deep respect for the importance of caring for your loved ones. I have wonderful memories of my vacations...being coached in soccer and baseball by my father...holidays with my grandparents. After going to local schools for both elementary and high school education, I then went to a liberal arts college in Connecticut where I majored in History and graduate school in England where I majored in Public Policy. I have always loved being around children and I’ve dreamed of being a father since before I can remember. Now, I want to share that love through being a parent.

After college, I chose to expand my horizons by moving to London, England for graduate school. After that, I returned home to America and enlisted in the military as an Infantry officer. The military taught me values and the importance of teamwork. After serving my time in the military, I decided to move home to New York City. I currently have a successful career in Public Policy. I met my wife Leigh, the love of my life in New York. Everyday I realize I am blessed to have my family close and to be in a city Leigh and I love.

Nate’s father Hal’s birthday brunch